Woodstile 120

Woodstile is the ideal solution for beautiful outdoor flooring. Thanks to the interlocking system of the recycled-plastic base, it can be installed quickly and easily. Woodstile is made exclusively with Thermowood®, high quality heat treated Scandinavian pine that gives the wood remarkable stability and durability.

The rustic finishing on the surface enhances its natural appearance. It is available in natural, white and anthracite colors. Woodstile can be cut easily using a saw to adapt to any surface and can be combined with the 40×120 cm version.

Dimension: 120 x 40 x 4,5 cm

Ideal for: balconies, patios, terraces, solarium, relax areas, walkways, poolside areas


thermally treated Pine wood extremely stable and durable.


Treatment is 100% natural, using only heat and vapour


Resistant to mold, fungi, humidity and rot


Eco-friendly Base, produced with 100% recycled material: HDPE characterized by high strength and durability.


The practical insterlocking system allows an easy and quick installation between the tiles. To hold the wood slats special mechanical anchors are used, without fixing screws.

Woodstile Outdoor pavement in Thermowood pine natural color


Woodstile is also present in 40 x 40 cm version


  • Installation

    Join the tiles by matching the male / female hooks.
    If necessary, cut the plates to size with a saw according to your needs.
    It is possible to join the tiles in a linear or staggered pattern.

  • warnings

    The wood is treated for outdoor use, however exposure to the sun tends to alter its color: we recommend using natural oils or impregnating agents right from the installation. The wood may have small knots, cracks or chipping.

30 Pcs


80 x 120 cm
H 80 cm

44 Pcs


80 x 120 cm
H 120 cm