CUPOLEX is a patented system of disposable formwork for the creation of ventilated crawl spaces that allows to easily and economically realize the sanitary vacuum. A ventilated crawl space (or ventilated raised slab) serves to create a load-bearing structure with an air chamber that separates the building from the ground and permits the moisture and gases to flow outside the building. The system is made up of dome-shaped recycled plastic elements that act as a formwork for casting the concrete. In this way they give the slab a unique geometry of arches and columns, leaving an empty cavity below and ensuring a high load bearing capacity, with reduced consumption of concrete. The load is in fact supported by the slab of the concrete columns that are formed at the legs of the CUPOLEX element.

Dimension: Heights 5 / 9.5 / 10/16/20/26/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/65 / 70cm

Ideal for:ventilated crawl spaces, lightening a structure, floor renovations, height compensation


Stops and remove moisture and gases


Better alternative to polystirene and gravel filling


Eco-friendly, produced with 100% recycled material: HDPE characterized by high strength and durability.


Thanks to the ancillary product BetonStop, it’s possible to cast foundations and slab in only one poor. It’s also possible to laterally compensate areas in order to save even more concrete.


  • Installation

    • On average, two workers are able to install about 140 m2 / hour;
    • Each dome has an arrow that indicates the direction of installation;
    • The CUPOLEX elements must be installed from left to right and from top to bottom with respect to the arrow;
    • The installation follows the installation layout;
    • If BETONSTOP is present, lay the first row and the first column of CUPOLEX and BETONSTOP;
    • The reinforcing mesh is laid directly over the CUPOLEX while maintaining an adequate concrete cover;
    • The casting takes place in the traditional way;
    • If a very thick slab is required, the casting must be carried out in two or more runs;
    • The elements can be easily shaped to fit the size of the project.
  • warnings

    Do not use at temperatures outside the 0-30 ° C range.

320 Pcs

120×120 cm
H 220 cm

416 Pcs

120×120 cm
H 250 cm