Elements for creating vegetated covers for flat and slightly sloping roofs. The unique design of Windi Drain with water retention cups and drainage holes enables the free drainage of excess water and, at the same time, retention of useful water.

  • Large feet allow elements to be applied directly on the waterproofing;
  • Unlike other systems, Windi Drain creates a continuous cavity underneath in all directions for ventilations and fitting of irrigation systems, pipes or other services;
  • Adaptable to both flat and sloped roofs owing to its special interlocking design;
  • Suitable for use on surfaces with up to 30° inclination (single units are to be anchored);
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Endless adaptability. Quick cutting with a circular saw in special situations;
  • 100% regenerated polypropilene (HDPE), totally recyclable
Easy cutting
Stackable for transportation

Technical sheet

Dimensions                     56 x 56 cm
Thickness                         5 cm / 10 cm
Cap filler:                          0,008 m3/m2 / 0,011 m3/m2
Water retention:             8 l/m2  / 11
Pipes passage:                 n.7 of 3 cm / n.3 of 5 cm
Pieces per sqm                3,2 pcs
Material                            HDPE
Packaging:                        pallet 120 x 120 cm
m2 each pallet:                100 m2
Pieces each pallet:          320 pz


H 10
H 5