Piastrella is a plastic tile perfect for flooring applications, paths or draining surfaces.
Piastrella can be used at the edge of swimming pools, showers, campings, events (sports, music festivals and fairs), terraces, gardens and paths.
It is available in two different versions (40x40 and 60x60 cm) coloured in green, grey or brick red,
both with a full plastic surface or with holes on the surface, to allow water drainage.

Due to its modular design, the flooring can be composed combining 40x40 with 60x60 Piastrella and
completed with the edge linear and angular endings that provide a safe walking.
Piastrella must be positioned on flat and rigid surfaces to bear the load.
Piastrella is easy to install with a solid snapping with latch locks and can be also fixed with screws.
Thermal expansion must be always taken into account.

  • Gardens and relazed areas
  • Pool edges
  • Flooring for showers or sport resorts
  • Paths and antislip surfaces
  • Workshops and shops
  • Campings
  • Pet boxes
Modular design
Stackable for transportation
Fixable with scrues
Requires rigid surface

Technical sheet

Dimensions                     40 x 40 cm                      60 x 60 cm
Thickness                        3,3 cm                                3,3 cm
Weight                             ~ 0,85 kg                          ~ 1,65 kg
Pieces per sqm               6,25 pz                               2,78 pz
Material                          HDPE                                  HDPE
Colours                            green, grey, brick red     green, grey, brick red
Thermal expansion
coefficient at 20°C        0,05-0,1 mm/m °C           0,05-0,1 mm/m °C


60 - Hollowed - green
60 - Hollowed - Brick red
60 - Holloewd - Grey
40 - Hollowed - green
40 - Hollowed - Brick red
40 - Holloewd - Grey
60 - Filled - green
60 - Filled - Brick red
60 - Filled - Grey

40 - Filled - green

40 - Filled - Brick red

40 - Filled - Grey


Edge male
Edge female

ATTENTION: when used in places with thermal variations or exposed to direct solar sunlight,
Piastrella can suffer minor buckling. Proper joints or gaps should be prepared according to the
situation. Furthermore, exposal to high temperatures can produce plastic deformation that can
cause lost of mechanical properties. Joints can be done cutting the latch locks and placing the
elements separated a few milimeters.