Paretella is a wall organizer that allows to arrange materials in a tidy way. It is a fabulous coloured things holder which can be easily hanged on walls with trays and hooks that may be organized in a variety of disposition to adapt the element to the needs of the user. Paretella may be placed for different usages as indoor and balcony plants holder and vertical vegetable garden, tool walls and accessory holder for garages and industries, jewellery and fashion accessories holder, for writing materials, make up, keys, paintbrushes and colours, sponges and detergents, threads and sewing kit and other unlimited usages. Paretella is available in various colours and in two different modular dimensions 40 x 40 and 60 x 60 cm which can be used together for creating organized coloured surfaces also of big dimensions.

  • Paretella is a versatile product that can be composed according to the needs of the customer;
  • It is composed of several accessories, hooks and trays, to adapt endless uses;
  • It is available in two modular dimensions, 60×60 cm and 40×40 cm, which can also be used together;
  • It is easy to install with screws or nails that will disappear under the frame to ensure a job well finished;
  • Paretella is strong and durable as well as resistant to the trays loaded with flower pots, cooking pots, tools, etc. as well as the hooks designed to carry tools, keys and more;
  • 100% regenerated polypropilene, totally recyclable;
Many accessories

Technical sheet

Dimensions                  60 x 60 cm – 40 x 40 cm
Thickness                     3,3 cm
Weight                          1,73 kg / 0.86 Kg
Pieces per sqm            2,78 pcs / 6,25 pcs
Material                        HDPE
Colors                           grey, green, red brick, white


White - Blue
White - Yellow
White - Green
Grey - White
Grey - Blue
Grey - Pink


Big container
Medium container
Small container
60 Frame
40 frame
Angle frame