Multiplate is a revolutionary matting made from recycled materials that creates a versatile, drainable floor surface. With dimensions 55.5 cm x 55.5 cm x 1.2 cm and available in three colours green, grey and black. Multiplate is perfect for create outdoor and indoor pavings. This is a versatile anti-slip dreinage mat that provides safe footing in wet areas.  The innovative patented underpinning provides support, its flow-through design allows air and water to flow through quickly and easily, so areas stay safe, clean, and bacteria-free, preventing the formation of dangerous puddles and ponding of water that create bacteria, mold, and mildew. Multiplate is a very highly flexible and modular product. Its innovative patented underpinning supports and interlocking design, allow for easy assembling and installation, to “custom-fit” into virtually any environment. Multiplate is simple to install, very light to handle even when snapped together and it can be rolled up for easy maintenance.

  • Multiplate is very flexible and adaptable to different surfaces such as lawn, sand, ground and concrete;
  • It is created with sturdy and reliable interlocking modules ;
  • Ideal for creating an anti-slip dreinage mat that provides safe footing in wet areas as swimmingpools, showers and steam rooms;
  • Light to move and easy to place;
  • Thinner than similar products;
  • With its small holes design walking on it is easy and safe also with high heel shoes;
  • 100% regenerated polypropilene (HDPE), totally recyclable;
Modular and cuttable
Recicled material

Technical sheet

Dimensions                 55,5 x 55,5 cm                    
Thickness                     1,1 cm                              
Weight                          0,82 kg                        
Pieces per sqm            3,25 pcs                              
Material                       HDPE    
Colors                          green, grey, black, cappuccino, coffee, blue