Listoplate is a wooden outdoor deck, the forniture complement that combines beauty and functionality. The beauty of natural wood combined with draining capacities of the underlying plastic support make Listoplate the ideal solution, giving you an almost limitless opportunity to express your individual creativity. Listoplate is provided with innovative clips for interconnecting single panels, which facilitate their installation and removal, as well as absorb the thermal expansion owing to a special flexible device that guarantees uniform fastening and layout.
Listoplate tiles are easy to install. Simply slot into position without fuss or effort ... no need for any special tools, nails or screws. They lock accurately and securely into position over your old patio, porch or balcony and can be assembled in various patterns for a superb new deck that’s both durable and long lasting. Tiles can be easily disassembled to keep in storage during the winter or taken with you whenever you move.

  • It is the wooden outodoor tile that allows to furnish, with elegant and natural solutions, outodoor spaces;
  • It is made of Teak, suitable for outdoor and with an underlying plastic support (HDPE) that allows the drainage and with innovative clips for interconneting single panels which facilitate installation and removal and thermal expansion absorption;
  • The used wood comes from controlled deforestation and it is streamtreated. This process reduces wood inner size and gives an almost total stability to the strips;
  • Light and handy to move and remove for end season storage;
  • Listoplate allows various placement for different aesthetic solutions;
  • Perfect setup on plan and rigid surface: setup on soft or not flat substrates (for example: gravel, sand, grass) to be avoided;
  • Listoplate tiles are realized with anti-slip grooves
Modular design
Easy installation
Natural teak

Technical sheet

Dimensions                       55,1 x 55,1 cm | 21.7 x 21.7 in
Weight                                2,90 Kg | 6.39 lb
Thickness                           2,9 cm | 1.14 in
Pieces per sqm                  3,29 pcs (~3,29 pcs for 10 sqft)
Colors:                                from pale yellow to bronze


Pallet:                                                 120 x 120 cm
m2 each pallet:                                 42 m2  i| 452 sqr ft
Pieces each pallet:  


The wood does not normally need any maintenance, however exposure to the sun tends to alter the color. In order to preserve the warm chromaticity of the original wood, we recommend using specific oils or treatments. For a satisfing result we recomand:

  • Clean deeply with a pressure washer with hot water and natural cleanser for wood 
  • First coat with natural impregnant for exterior wood with strong anti aging properties;
  • Second coat after 36 hours.

For regular cleaning: use natural cleansing soap for outdoor wooden floors. It is recommanded to reapply the natural impregnant.

The wood used to make Listoplate is subjected to treatments to improve its quality and durability. Slight curvatures or limited cracks, even after these treatments, are however possible because wood is a "living" material.