Greenplate, modular synthetic lawn.

Greenplate is modular tile with synthetic grass on a plastic interlocking support; practical and easy to install and remove to create, even in small spaces, a garden that is always green and in order.
The grass consists of synthetic fibres of different thickness and shades of green that give it a real bright look. To create even more creative flooring solutions Greenplate can interlock with the Easyplate flooring. Applicable for veranda, outdoor floors, entry mats, solarium, terraces, balconies, playgrounds, walkways, bars and restaurants

  • Thick and bright lawn;
  • Real aspect;
  • Soft touch;
  • Light and easy to install;
  • No need to cut the grass anymore;
  • It can be used with Easyplate;
  • 100% recyclable;
Modular design
Treated for outdoor
Easy installation

Technical sheet

Dimensions                        37,7 x 37,7 cm |  14.8 x 14.8 in
                                     or     18,6 x 37,7 cm |  7.3 x 14.8 in
Weight                                 0,90 kg
                                     or     0,44 kg
Thickness                            3,0 cm | ~ 1.2 in
Base material                    HDPE Reach
Grass material                  PP - UVA treated
Number per m2               
  7 pcs (~ 7 pcs for 10 sqft
                                      or    14 pcs (~ 14 pcs for 10 sqft)






Greenplate elements each box:                     12 pcs
Half Greenplate elements each box:            24 pcs
Box dimensions:                                              40 x 40 x 40 cm | ~ 15.7 x 15.7 x 15.7 in



Suggested installation

Greenplate elements hook together easily and should be placed on flat and hard surfaces in order to sustain the applied loads. Greenplate has a hook that absorbs the expansion/contraction caused by use in susceptible temperature areas or direct exposure under the sun. You can combine Greenplate with the Easyplate elements. To create special shape floors you may need to cut some hooks.